What is a SIP Phone & How Does It Work?

Written on Apr 10, 2024.

You might have heard people talking about a SIP Phone and have been wondering what the term refers to and how it can benefit your business.

These modern devices have become one of the hottest topics in the telecommunications industry, and for good reason. They are an excellent option for improving the quality of your phone services and expanding your telecommunications offerings into multiple locations globally.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, as a type of communications protocol used to integrate multimedia communications sessions. This means that once it has been connected to your IP network, you can use your online SIP phone systems to integrate basic telephone capabilities with web, online chat, email and much more.

These phones are an excellent option if you intend to unify all your communications within a single platform.

In a world where companies are increasingly embracing the opportunities and benefits afforded by remote working, SIP telephones are a fantastic option. As cloud-based services, they can equip your staff with the tools they need to communicate effectively with both colleagues and customers no matter where in the world they are.

What's more, these systems can offer you significant cost savings on your communications. For these reasons, SIP systems are an invaluable tool if you plan to expand your operations, especially into new markets.

So if your organization is looking for scalability, reliability, and effective communications with remote customers, clients, and employees, these phones are hard to beat.

What is a SIP Phone

SIP Soft Phone / Software SIP Phone

A SIP softphone isn't actually a physical phone at all. It's a software application installed onto your computer or smartphone that allows you to complete phone calls over the internet using the device's in-built microphone.

If you have configured your SIP systems to use softphones, we recommend using headsets and microphones to get the best possible calling experience.

Hardware SIP Phones

As the name suggests, these phones are actual pieces of physical hardware that look no different from any other traditional handset. They're very similar to regular phones in how they're used, too. However, instead of making calls through a traditional phone network, calls made by SIP hardware-based phones are routed over the internet.

These phones can use your office's existing data network, too, which means that you won't need to pay for extra internet service just for your phone system.

If you would like SIP systems that offer your employees greater flexibility around the office, there are cordless models of these hardware phones available, too.

There are three main classifications of hardware SIP telephones:


These starter phones are what you might see in a call or a contact center. They have dial pads and are capable of making internal and external calls. These budget-friendly models also offer incredible ease of use.


Intermediate SIP telephones offer more robust functionality than their basic counterparts. For example, they often include browsable directories that feature multiple extensions.

They may also have more physical buttons connected to extra features. These SIP systems can usually be used at home, too, making them a great choice if your employees need to work remotely.


Advanced SIP-based phones are, as the name suggests, top of the line in terms of the features and functionality they offer you and your employees. They often include full-colour displays, multiple extensions, and even Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatibility. They're the type of phones you can expect to see on a company executive's desk.

They are likely to have a slimmer, sleeker physical design featuring fewer buttons, as the display usually allows access to all the applications the user of the SIP systems might need.

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