API - Application Programming Interface

Reduce your costs, improve your voice performance, and take advantage of all Bulk Solutions has to offer - with only a few lines of code!

What you get

Do you want to have the best quality voice, messaging, provisioning and call routing services - and more? This is exactly why we built the Bulk Solutions API.

Build What You Need

We want to give you the freedom to build the exact solution you need with our API when it comes to your application.

With us, you can be confident that you will have all the information needed to be in control of your own solution - no middleman needed, meaning you save on costs - and to back it up, our expert and dedicated team are available to support you however you need.

Learn About Our API

Integrating with our API couldn't be easier - learn about how you and your business will benefit!

Exceptional Quality Services

Providing the best services and highest quality voice, messaging, provisioning, routing and more is number one priority with us. That's why you can trust us to be a reliable partner for you when it comes to taking advantage of all our API has to offer.

Partnering with Tier-1 Carriers

We leverage our partnerships with all Tier-1 carriers to ensure the best voice services and routing in the industry. That's how you know you can trust that Bulk Solutions offers the best solutions for your needs.

Cost-Effective and Excellent Value

Whether performing actions for just a few numbers or bulk groups numbers at scale, you can accomplish everything you need to - and at a competitive cost.

What You Can Do with Our API

Here's a sample of some of the actions you can take with our API, with more available!

• Retrieve all available information on specific phone numbers.
• Update records for your numbers in the database - quickly and easily.
• Add and delete phone numbers as needed.
• Return a list of your TRUNK groups, including any used for SIP registration.
• Search our extensive inventory for available telephone numbers.
• Check telephone numbers for portability.
• Retrieve information on a specific E911 entry.
• Insert, update, or delete E911 records as needed.
• Validate an address and receive a location ID for provisioning purposed for E911 to be assured that the service works correctly.

All of these actions and more are possible, so you can see you really do have freedom and flexibility when it comes to getting what you need with our API!

What's Special About Our API

Our ethos with our API is simple: it should be easy and simple to integrate, flexible enough to allow you to craft exactly the services you need, and above all, backed up by our excellent customer service.

Flexibility and Freedom

Our API is comprehensive in terms of features, and gives you complete control to search our vast inventory, provision E911 numbers, run data queries, and much more! We want to give you complete freedom and control.

Extensive Reach

Gain immediate access to thousands of rate centers and use our API to start ordering numbers.

Comprehensive Documentation

Our documentation is comprehensive and readily available to help you integrate our API quickly and efficiently.

Let's get you set up!

Ready to start taking advantage of all of the services we offer and integrating with our API? Have any further questions for us? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we're ready to support you however you need!

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