Robocall Mitigation

The Bulk Solutions Robocall Mitigation solution combines behavioral analytics, caller authentication and verification to help accurately identify robocalls, mitigation fraudulent robocalls, caller ID spoofers and call scammers.

Key Features

Advanced Fraud Detection

Behavior analysis and tracking of abnormal and unexpected calling patterns to detect high volume robocalling, spoofing and suspicious call activity.

Subscriber Notification

Override caller name character display to warn subscribers of suspicious calls across 800+ operators (landline, cable, mobile & VoIP).

Call Blocking Support

Identification of invalid, unallocated and unassigned numbers as per FCC Report & Order to accurately identify which calls to block.

Flexible Policy Engine

Allow customers to define their own Caller Name override policy based on their company's regulatory rules and requirements.

Why RoboCall Mitigation is a Must

There are 2,000 Robocalls every second and this number is increasing. On average each person receives 15 RoboCalls per month.

Our RoboCall service is included at no extra cost (Robocall pricing FREE) to provide you with more security! Every CNAM DIP is checked with our RoboCall mitigation program, classifying calls as robots, spam call prevention, or fraud and displaying warnings on the display field.

What does this all mean?

• Nearly $500 million dollars is lost annually due to scam calls.

• 69% of fraud victims were contacted by phone.

• 76% of consumers do not answer if they don't recognize or if caller's number is anonymous.

• IT'S TIME and your obligation to help your valued customers and mitigate fraud robocalls.

• Bulk Solutios is the best Robocall blocker service providers leader in Robotic solutions for fraud prevention.

RoboCall Prevention

Easy to Set Up

If you already use our CNAM product there is no further integration needed. RoboCall Company Mitigation is an overlay service to our CNAM product!

RoboCall Blocking

Integrating with the Bulk Solutions API

After having integrated with our API, you can then query our system in order to return Caller ID information on incoming calls. You can additionally set up robocall mitigation to identify numbers that have been identified as spoofers, scammers and robots, choosing a label to display when these calls arrive to warn you.

We also provide a clear overview of your CNAM log, so you can keep track of all information in one easy-to-access location.

We support all telecommunication CNAM methods:

More About Robocall Mitigation with Bulk Solutions

At Bulk Solutions, we are serious about RoboCall Prevention service for clients. In fact, our RoboCall Mitigation solution combines insights from behavioral analytics, caller authentication and verification to help accurately identify robocalls, caller ID spoofers, and call scammers - we are THE RoboCall Blocking solution mitigating spoofed robocalls!

How RoboCall Prevention for Clients Works

There are often abnormal patterns that our intelligent systems can detect that may signal that a call is coming from a robocall source. This may involve making an unusually high volume of calls in a short time, spoofing activity, and Caller ID overriding.

Identifying such patterns is key in our RoboCall Mitigation and RoboCall Prevention system.

To fine tune your own RoboCall Blocking service, we also allow you to define your own Caller Name override - so this means with Bulk Solutions, you can really get the RoboCall Prevention service precisely how you need it.

The Magic of RoboCall Blocking

In addition to behavioral patterns and insights, we are also able to identify invalid number on caller id in addition to unallocated and unassigned number phone calls, which again signals likely activity from robocallers, scammers, and spoofers.

And should a call come through - we are able to warn you of possible RoboCalls via the caller name display to alert you precisely where our RoboCall Mitigation system suspects a suspicious call.

RoboCall Blocker

Put the Phone Down on RoboCallers for Good

RoboCall Mitigation

Say Goodbye to Frustration from RoboCall Spoofers

There's nothing more frustrating that receiving unwanted and unwelcome calls from robots, attempts to sell to or scam those picking up the phone to them. They don't just waste an enormous amount of time for you and your employees - they also impact on your trust, making you second guess who will be on the line every time you pick up the phone to an unknown or new caller.

This is why RoboCall Mitigation should be one of your top priorities - to save time, prevent potential scams from taking root, and restore trust. In fact, much robocalling is illegal, and is it one of the important battles and top complaints for consumers to the FCC.

The Benefits of RoboCall Blockers

Many instances of caller fraud that could be prevented through effective support from a RoboCall Blocker take place through spoofing, in which the identity of the caller can be spoofed to make it appear as though the number belongs to someone else.

Take Back Control

By investing in RoboCall Mitigation and Robocall Prevention, you then gain the power and control to block spoofed robocalls, or see some advanced warning of potential robocalls via the caller ID name display.

This gives you and your employees the decision as to whether or not you want to pick up the phone.

Building the Best RoboCall Prevention Service

We leverage our partnerships with high-calibre service providers in order to build and continually improve our advanced RoboCall Mitigation system to provide the best RoboCall Blocking service in the industry.

Through behavioral analytics and analysis of calling patterns, we identify possible spoofed calls - and are also able to look up numbers to validate whether or not the identity of a caller can be trusted.

Robocall Mitigation FAQs

What is robocall mitigation?

Robocall mitigation refers to processes that make illegal robocalls less severe, dangerous or damaging.

Who needs to file a Robocall Mitigation plan?

Any VoIP carrier and their customer's need a Robocall Mitigation service.

Will stir shaken stop robocalls?

For inbound calls, the STIR/SHAKEN protocol means you'll be able to determine whether the inbound phone number has been authenticated before answering. If it's not, your phone could show Suspected Robocall as the caller ID for example.

How do I get rid of robocalls?

You can register your numbers on the national Do Not Call list at no cost by calling 1-888-382-1222 (voice)

How much does Robocall Mitigation cost?

Many carriers charge for their Robocall Mitigation service. Here at Bulk Solutions we feel the importance is too great and include it as a free ad on our CNAM service.

Do robocall blockers work?

Yes! Using a third-party robocall blocking system remains one of the best and most reliable ways to prevent robocallers, telemarketers, and even pesky political campaigns.

What happens if I answer a robocall?

If you answer the call, your number is considered 'good' by the scammers, even if you don't necessarily fall for the scam. They will try again because they know someone on the other side is a potential victim of fraud.

What is Robocalling

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