Our Reliable and Accurate CNAM Service

CNAM is short for Caller ID Name, and makes it easy to identify who is calling and to spot potential spoofers and scammers.

Why use CNAM?

There are several important advantages for you, your business, and your customers with Calling ID Name Lookup CNAM! To name a few:

• Stop telemarketers and scammers from masking their true identity through their number.
• Waste less time with robot and spam calls with our Spam Calls Lookup.
• Keep your lines free for your customers and those who need it most!
• Benefit from the most accurate caller ID information in the industry. Search Caller Name quickly and easily.
• Once you sign up we provide several CNAM Lookup Free queries (to CNAM test your Caller ID Test Number) to test and Bulk Phone Number Lookup. Caller ID Name Search Online via our portal available.

CNAM with Bulk Solutions

We are able to offer accurate carrier-grade Caller ID Name lookups (CNAM Search) directly from the sources responsible for the data, so we don't cull our data from external CNAM database lookup. This means you can fully rely on the Caller ID information through our service.

And what's more - we support a range of connection methods and we're compatible with every known switch in the industry!

CNAM Delivery and Storage

We are proud of providing the highest quality CNAM responses in the industry!
And what's more - we offer support and guidance to help you fully understand the potential with CNAM and how you can benefit from it.

How CNAM Makes Your Life Easier

• When you receive a call, you can see any information related to the number on the caller display. However, it's possible for caller information to be masked or hidden, meaning you answer not knowing who it might be.We certainly know the feeling of frustration when this happens, and it's a telemarketer, scammer, or robot on the end of the line, wasting your time or your employees' time, and blocking the line for those who may actually need it.

• Integrating with our CNAM solution gives you back control! Think of it like gaining the ability to unmask a mystery caller. We offer the ability to look up Caller ID from databases responsible for this data, and even to identify possible scammers and robocalls directly.

• We manage Caller ID name for your Bulk Solutions numbers and selected Off Net Numbers.

CNAM Lookup

Easy to Set Up

Through our portal, it's easy to configure CNAM, and we're on hand to provide support any time you need it - get in touch and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!

CNAM Service

Integrating with the Bulk Solutions API

After having integrated with our Caller ID Name API, you can then query our system in order to return Caller ID information on incoming calls. You can additionally set up robocall mitigation to identify numbers that have been identified as spoofers, scammers and robots, choosing a label to display when these calls arrive to warn you.

We also provide a clear overview of your CNAM log, so you can keep track of all information in one easy-to-access location.

We support all telecommunication CNAM methods:
• and a CNAM Checker tool via our portal

The Bulk Solution CNAM Difference

We are experts at Caller Name Services! We focus on developing the best products and providing best customer service, meaning you can fully trust our CNAM service!

Accurate Caller ID, Reliable and Trustworthy CNAM Service

Our Caller ID Name information comes directly from the sources responsible for the data - the Tier 1 voice carriers in the US. This makes us more accurate and reliable than services relying on external CNAM database providers (Caller Information Online) for results. Join us to see why we are the best Caller ID lookup service.

More Security with RoboCall Mitigation

Our RoboCall mitigation service is included at no extra cost to provide you with more security! Every CNAM DIP is checked with our RoboCall mitigation algorithm, classifying calls as robots, spam, or fraud and displaying warnings on the display field.

Manage Caller ID Names for Your Bulk Solutions Numbers

It's easy to manage the Identify Caller ID Names for your numbers with us - and choose off net numbers too as we are a CNAM provider.

What is CNAM

What is CNAM Delivery?

Want to learn a little more to help you wrap your mind around CNAM CallerID Name? Let's dive a little deeper with a look at what CNAM lookup encompasses.

Caller ID Name

Caller ID Name

As we have already mentioned, CNAM is short for Caller ID Name. What is Caller ID Name? That's the term for the name of the person or business who is making the phone call.

Giving Your Phone the Power of CNAM Lookup

In short, CNAM gives your phone the ability to display some important information about the caller via CNAM lookup. It will be able to display the name of the caller - whether person or business - in addition to the phone number from which they are calling.

The CNAM Database

So how is it possible to see such information associated with the number? Through the magic of our CNAM Database, which you may also see referred to as a CNAM repository. Our databases come directly from the highest-grade official carriers themselves, meaning we are able to guarantee the most accurate CNAM Caller ID information.

Retrieving Information from the CNAM Database

When receiving an incoming call, we perform a CNAM lookup against our CNAM Database using the telephone number, which allows us then to return the corresponding CNAM Caller ID information, which we then display on your phone so you can see who or which business the call is coming from.

CNAM Caller ID Display

There are limits to the length of information that can be displayed on your phone - the strings of text should be no longer than 15 characters which is how the information in our official CNAM database is stored.

Control Your Own CNAM Caller ID Information

In addition to seeing the detailed and accurate CNAM Caller ID information, our CNAM service also allows you to manage the Caller ID Names for your own numbers. Our online portal gives you easy access and control to be able to edit your Caller ID names whenever you need.

More Benefits of CNAM

Information is power!

Once you are using CNAM lookup, you gain the power to know the name of whoever is calling you before you even pick-up the phone - in fact, such a power will help you decide whether to accept the call or not.

You and your employees can therefore instantly avoid scammers and telemarketers thanks to having access to the CNAM Caller ID - which could save you a lot of wasted time and help you regain trust in your phone communication again.

Define Your Own CNAM Caller ID Information With Us

For any numbers that you have with Bulk Solutions, including off net numbers, you are able to edit and control the information in the CNAM Database.

This gives you the chance to decide how you want to be seen on the phones of anyone you are calling, which may help you ensure more of your calls get accepted!


Understanding How CNAM Works

There are a few important limitations that you should understand when it comes to CNAM in order to truly get the most out of the Bulk Solutions CNAM Lookup service. Here you can read all the information you need to get set up quickly and smoothly!

CNAM Service

Caller ID Name Display

The Caller ID Name has to be 15 characters or less, as this is the limit of phone displays. It will typically be shown completely in capital letters.

When is Caller ID Name visible?

For Caller ID Name to be successfully shown to someone you are calling, you must present your number! This will allow them to perform a CNAM lookup to see the name associated with the number. Equally, CNAM can indicate whether a number calling is likely to be a scammer, spoofer, telemarketer, or robocaller.

Testing Your Caller ID Name

With Bulk Solutions, you can perform a CNAM Lookup against our CNAM Database in order to return the respective corresponding CNAM Caller ID for a number as the result in order to see how a number will be displayed on the phone of whomever is being called.

You can of course also test your own Caller ID Name by calling another number! Our service and ability to easily perform CNAM Lookup and query our CNAM Database to give you an extra layer of assurance.


What is CNAM?

CNAM is short for Caller ID Name, and makes it easy to identify who is calling and to spot potential spoofers and scammers.

How much does CNAM cost?

We are very competitive we our CNAM cost and only charge $0.002 per DIP.

Does CNAM work on cell phones?

Inbound CNAM does not work on cell phones. However, if you update the CNAM record for a number and the cell phone provider provides a CNAM service the end user will see the Caller ID name.

How long does it take Caller ID to change?

It could take 5-7 business days for the propagation to complete.

Who is responsible for Caller ID?

The carrier the number is ported to is responsible for the caller ID name of the number.

How do I set up CNAM?

CNAM is configured in various ways. Bulk Solutions Supports all methods and detailed instructions could be located in our portal.

How do I update my CNAM record?

It's very easy to update your CNAM record directly from our portal.

What is CNAM

Let's get you set up!

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