E911 - Enhanced 911

E911 is enhanced version of the 911 system to get help fast during emergencies.

More Than Just 911

Nowadays, with so many mobile and internet devices and nomadic 911 location callers, integrating E911 as a solution has become increasingly common - and indeed essential.

It means you can connect your users to emergency services fast, with address information included to get help when help is needed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Legally Compliant and Up-to-Date

We know that setting up an E911 solution can be complicated! There is a multitude of laws, regulations and E911 legislation to be aware of and ensure you are complying with, and the industry can change very rapidly, making it hard for you to keep up - especially with everything else you have to do!

Fear not! This is where Bulk Solutions will help you out. We make it simple to integrate and ensure you are compliant with the law, and we are experts in the area, meaning we keep ourselves up to date on the latest developments and can offer you world-class support with E911 whenever you need!

With our E911 automatic emergency notification via SMS or Webhook we help your clients know when a 911 call was made.

A Brief Overview of E911

Get help when it is most needed in less time with E911, to protect you and keep you safe.

Helping You Get Found

When you integrate with E911, address information is attached to the E911 phone number calling the emergency services and routed to the nearest Public Safety Access Point.

Our network and connections mean we are able to quickly and efficiently route emergency calls to the correct call center, making help arrive even faster, whether you need fire, police, or ambulance services.

Required to Integrate E911?

Some service providers and enterprises are required to integrate E911. We will support you to make sure you are legally compliant.

At Bulk Solutions, we provide a simple and fast-to-integrate 911 online service solution to get E911 set up and help emergency service providers locate your employees and customers who need help with precision.

E911 Service

About Our E911 Service

Learn more about some of the details of integrating with us to quickly set up your own E911 service.

Enhanced 911 System

For Internal and External Clients

Whether for internal or external clients or employees on mobile or internet devices, our solution works for all - no matter where the emergency happens, we give you the ability to attach essential location information to the call to help emergency services find you quickly.

Easily Configurable

With Bulk Solutions, it's easy to configure your E911 to suit your exact needs and protect your employees - and it's easy to add and change address information. Using our Emergency Calling API you could configure numbers automatically. We also provide an E911 API for 911 Number Provisioning.


With thousands of PSAPs - Public Safety Access Points - around the country, it's critical for calls to be routed to the correct center. You can rely on our service to do so and route your call correctly and efficiently every time.

Keeping Your Business Safe For All

E911 is an extra layer of security for you and your employees.

Help Wherever, Whenever

Employees at enterprises that utilize E911 can rest assured that they can always get help when they need it most.

Those using an internet-based line then have the benefit of being able to send additional valuable location information to the emergency service providers and those on mobile devices can be located regardless of where they are while providing a callback number for staff in the emergency services to use.

Testing it Out

To give you peace of mind that your E911 is working, we provide detailed instructions on how to do E911 testing our your newly-integrated E911 service without disrupting emergency services.

E911 Service

Bulk Solutions: The Experts in E911

We provide a complete portfolio of 911 services for you to build exactly the solution you and your business needs.

What is Enhanced 911

Efficient Routing to PSAPs Nationwide

With thousands of PSAPs around the country, it's critical for calls to be routed to the correct center. You can rely on our service to get help when it's needed most.

Kari's Law Compliant

To comply with Kari's law, organizations using multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) to provide callers with the ability to dial 911 directly from any telephone in the 911 phone system. We make it simple to ensure your company is compliant.

Easily Set Up Notification Alerts

With us, you can set up Webhook or SMS notifications, and provide complete instructions on how to test out your E911 service with us.

What is Enhanced 911?

Enhanced 911, or E911 is a system used across the US and North America to automatically share a caller's precise location to 911 dispatchers as a way of getting them help as quickly as possible.

The E911 Service Provider Here for You

As an E911 service provider, we take great care to ensure our Enhanced 911 system is fast, efficient, and accurate.

The Specifics of Enhanced 911

So, how exactly does our E911 system work? To put it simply: incoming 911 calls are routed to Public Safety Answering Points, also known as PSAPs, of which there are thousands across the US. These are call centers operated by local authorities.

What happens at a PSAP when using E911?

At these centers, a specialist call handler - a 911 dispatcher - answers the call. They then receive information from the phone company via computer about the physical 911 service address if the call is coming in via landline, or the geographic coordinates of the caller for calls from wireless devices.

This then enables the dispatcher to send emergency services - whether medical, police, or fire - to wherever they are needed.

E911 Service in a Nutshell

This is why this is known as Enhanced 911. By integrating E911 with an experience E911 service provider, you gain confidence in knowing that any calls you or your employees make are routed to the nearest PSAP with all relevant geographic information to get you help quickly.

E911 Service Providers

Why Bulk Solutions are the leading E911 Service Providers

We aim to be the best E911 service provider in the industry, making it simple to integrate with our Enhanced 911 service to manage location data and 911 call routing to PSAPs - all while helping you comply with laws and E911 regulations.

Enhanced 911

Our E911 Promise

As experienced E911 service providers, your safety and the safety of your employees comes first - you can trust us to provide exceptional quality Enhanced 911 capability, and we continually work to make our E911 service safer and more reliable, keeping up with the latest technology.

We know that in any emergency, it is essential for calls to be routed correctly and location data attached to be correct - after all, time is of the essence whether you need fire, police, or medical help urgently.

That's why we've built our E911 service to be robust, reliable, efficient, and highly accurate - you can depend on us in an emergency.

The Connection Between Caller and Help

With our Enhanced 911 system, you will have peace of mind that you have the necessary connection between whoever is calling and the emergency service dispatchers in place, reliable and ready if you ever need it.

That's also why we have built our solution to allow for any caller anywhere across the country to take advantage of our E911 service. When calling from a landline, the emergency call dispatcher will b able to see your physical address, and when calling on a mobile device, they will be able to access your exact GPS coordinates.

More Benefits of Enhanced 911

Think about making an emergency call to 911 from your office. With an Enhanced 911 system in place, the call dispatcher would be able to see your office's address and even additional information such as floor or room as soon as your call is through, without you needing to give any of the information..

Assign a Physical Address to Your Number

An Enhanced 911 system gives you more than just sending your address or location to the emergency dispatcher - it gives you time when you make the call to communicate the most important details of the situation and save time without having to describe your location, especially during those emergencies when every second counts.

Safety for All Employees

Nowadays, it's especially common for employees to be based and working from a variety of locations - in the office, on the road, traveling for business, or even remotely.

Integrating with an E911 service provider allows you to offer added protection for all of your employees, regardless of where they are at any time. On-site or off-site, they will always be able to get help when they need.


Dynamic Location Routing 911

Bulk Solutions Dynamic E911 Routing provides emergency call routing and location capabilities based on the location of the user..

dynamic E911 routing service

How Does It Work?

Say your customer has a hotel with the main number 3105551000 and 10 rooms at the address 1001 ACME RD Los Angeles, CA 90001.

In the past each room would be given their own number for E911 purposes where the address is sent along with the room number.

  • Room 1001 would have the number 3105551001
    1001 ACME RD Room 1001 Los Angeles, CA 90001

  • Room 1002 would have the number 3105551002
    1001 ACME RD Room 1002 Los Angeles, CA 90001
  • etc...

With the Bulk Solutions Dynamic E911 service and using a simple X-Header, you could send the room number Dynamically! No need to provision 100 E911 endpoints.

Provision one number 3105551000 and send the room number dynamically
X-ng911: Room 1001

When the call reaches the operator they will see the telephone number and the address with the room number.

How Does This Help You Become Compliant?

As you may know, Ray's Baum's Act will soon require 911 calls from Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS) to include a "dispatchable location" to the PSAP. That means, along with street address, additional information, such as Room, Suite, Apartment number or similar must be provided to the PSAP so that Emergency Responders can quickly reach a person who needs help. This solution will help you work towards becoming compliant

E911 FAQs

Is E911 mandatory?

he E911 regulations established by the FCC are mandatory for all interconnected VoIP service providers, and are designed to protect the safety of VoIP users.

What is E911 on a cell phone?

E911 on Cell Phones work differently than VOIP/Landlines. Bulk Solutions does not support E911 for cell phones.

How much does E911 cost?

Bulk Solutions provides E911 for $0.49 per number per month.

What does Enhanced 911 do?

If you have Enhanced 911 (E911), when you dial 911 your telephone number and location are automatically sent to the 911 operator during the call.

What is the difference between regular 911 and enhanced 911?

With legacy 911 if you dial 911 the operator does not know your location. With Enhanced 911 the operator knows the address associated with your telephone number.

When was E911 created?

The first 911 call was made on February 16, 1968 in Haleyville, Alabama by Representative Rankin Fite.

Does E911 work with cell phones?

Yes it does, your wireless provider will provide you E911 service.

Let's get you set up!

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