2009 Company Founded
Immediate industry traction with CNAM & LRN
2011 Expanded portfolio of services: E911, Orig and Term
2017 Due to exploding demand, expanded to Geographical 4x Redundant Network
2019 Attained RespOrg status with Somos; Verizon's first new "logo" in 2 years
2020 and beyond Providing the best customer experience possible

Carrier Partners








The Bulk Solutions network is built from the ground up by seasoned telecommunication and IP experts who have extensive experience with Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, Level3 etc... With no expense spared to provide Quality and Reliability above all else. With over 10+ years providing quality service and billions of minutes - your traffic is safe with us.

Geographic Redundancy

Our fully redundant network has been providing VOIP Carriers Quality and Reliability without compromise.


Network Core consists of Cisco Routers and Switches, Oracle Acme SBCs and Dell/IBM Computing power.


We only deal with Tier-1 carriers. Much more effort, time and expense may be needed in establishing these relationships, however, our philosophy is: Quality and Reliability above all else!

Who are we?

The company was founded by engineers looking to revamp the telecom world with quality services you could trust, made easy. No more monthly long contract talks, contract lengths and high prices. They set out to provide carriers the best price and the best service - and succeeded!

We like to consider ourselves a one-stop Telecom shop!

Priority 1: Quality

Without quality, price is irrelevant. Our network provides you the best quality routes and audio quality available.

Priority 2: Price

Leveraging our millions of minutes per month our executive team negotiates the best possible terms. These great price breaks are then passed down to our customers.