How do I add my system to the portal in order to send outbound calls with IP Based Authentication?

We making adding your telephone switch or PBX very easy and you could be up in minutes. Below are the steps.

Step 1: Login to the portal and go to Interconnection -> Host - Add to add your source IP address

Step 2: Please wait 2-3 minutes so the new IP could propagate to all of our SBC nodes

Step 3: In order to have full redundancy to all our data centers our SRV is recommended to be used. In the event that SRVs are not supported on your system we have also listed the IPs below. Please also white list the below IPs on your system.

SIP Proxy / SRV Record:
Supported Codecs: G.711u, G729a, T.38 (Pass Through where available)
DTMF Support: RFC2833 and Inband(G.711u)
SIP Port: 5060
IP Addresses:

Step 4: Outbound Calling could be sent in the following format:
-Send calls to
-Send calls to
-For Example: Send calls to
-For Example: Send calls to
-For 911 calls:

*For E911 Service, to verify address as currently in 911 DB, call

*For E911 Service, ensure that the Caller ID is set to one of following formats
10 Digits, ex: 3109060901
11 Digits, ex: 13109060901
11 Digits, ex: +13109060901
Caller ID in any other format will be rejected

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 3109060901 or email