How do I test by dialing 911, are there any specific instructions?

For testing we prefer users to dial 922. However, when 911 needs to be tested we recommend the following action to be taken.

How to Test:
For testing your E911 number, we strongly recommend calling our E911 DB Verification service by calling which will verify your Caller ID number and the adddress that would be used in case of a real emergency call

In the rare case that you wish to speak to a live emergency operator to verify the information that the operator receives, please use the script below. Please note that some localities require you to schedule E911 test calls in advance and will charge penalties otherwise. You should check with your local authorities before placing any unscheduled E911 test calls. Do not call during the busy hour of lunch or between 4:00-6:00pm. Try to call during off hours such at 6:00am.

Testing Script:
--Hello, this is a non-emergency call, I'm making a Voice-Over-IP test call. Do you have a moment to verify my emergency information or can we schedule a later time to do so?

--Did you receive ANI information? What number do you show? (confirm that this matches the caller-ID/DID number that you expected to send)

--Were you able to retrieve ALI information? Can you verify the address that is displayed? (confirm that this matches your intended emergency address)

--Do you show my Call Back Number? (confirm that this matches the caller-ID/DID number that you expected to send)

--Does the information on your display appear in the proper fields? (the operator should answer yes, which confirms that none of the information fields appeared ordered incorrectly, e.g. the street number in the city field)

--Thank you for your time, we may be placing a couple more test calls today.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 3109060901 or email