T-Mobile 10DLC

Written on Sep 03, 2021.

T-Mobile 10DLC rate and fee changes effective October 1st 

What's happening?
T-Mobile's enforcement of 10DLC policies means rate changes for registered/unregistered traffic and the implementation of program and non-compliance fees

What do I need to know?
Rates for unregistered and registered message traffic will increase to the following

  • A2P 10DLC SMS per message fee
    •  $0.0030 per registered message surcharge
    •  $0.0040 per unregistered message surcharge

  • A2P 10DLC MMS per message fee
    • $0.0100 per registered message surcharge
    • $0.013 per unregistered message surcharge

10DLC program fees:

  • Campaign Service Activation - $50 per campaign / $15 MRC 
  • Campaign Service Migration - $50 per campaign / $15 MRC 
  • NNID Registration - $2,000 per NNID

Non-compliance fees for violations of T-Mobile's code of conduct:

Text Enablement - $10,000 per event
This pass-through fee applies if T-Mobiles receives a complaint where you or your message sender text-enables a 10-digit NANP telephone number and sends messages prior to verification of message sender ownership

Program Evasion - $1,000 per event
The pass-through fee will apply per incident if a program is found to use evasion techniques like snowshoeing, unauthorized number replacement and dynamic routing

Content Violation - $10,000 per event
T-Mobiles may charge this pass-through fee for each unique instance of the third or any subsequent notification of a content violation involving the same content provider. Defined as sending messages in violation of the rules in the code of conduct, and are usually SHAFT violations (sex, hate, alcohol, firearms or tobacco) but also includes spam or phishing, or messaging which meets the threshold of a severity 0 violation per the CTIA short code monitoring handbook

T-Mobile 10DLC

What do I need to do?
If you incur any of these fees, they will show up on the following billing cycle along with relevant details of the non-compliance. 

If you have low volume of SMS/MMS, such as under 50 to 100 messages per day, we will register your number using a Bulk Solutions Campaign.

If you have more traffic you must register your own brand and campaign with the Campaign Registry (www.campaignregistry.com). If you would like Bulk Solutions to assist you with your own brand and campaign registration please open a support ticket.

Please remember to keep Bulk Solutions in mind for your telecommunication needs where we value Quality and Reliability above all else.