Stir/Shaken: STI-AS/VS Services

Written on Oct 18, 2021.

STI-AS stands for Secure Telephone Identity - Authentication Service
As of June 30th, U.S. carriers with 100,000+ lines have to sign SIP calls with a STIR/SHAKEN tokens. Practically, it means that the SIP INVITE message will have an extra header named: "Identity".

You can use our STI-AS service with a Certificate you've procured through the process with iConectiv, the STI-PA (Secure Telephone Identity - Policy Administrator), to receive the contents of the SIP "Identity" Header. You will use the output from our API as the Token inserted into the outgoing calls SIP INVITE.

If you don't have your own certificate, not to worry: if you have under 100,000 lines you are exempt, but must file a RoboCall Mitigation Plan (you can use our CNAM based solution as your plan).

Keep in mind that outbound calls that you send through our platform will be signed with STIR/SHAKEN tokens using our certificate seamlessly.

Stir shaken services

STI-VS stands for Secure Telephone Identity - Verification Service
You will use this new API to decode and validate the contents of the Identity Header that you receive from your upstream carrier.

Keep in mind that if you are using us for your DID service we automatically decode and pass along the contents of STIR/SHAKEN Tokens in "VERSTAT" Headers!

The SIP INVITE will have the result of the Token verification in the P-Asserted-Identity, with possible values of TN-Validation-Passed, TN-Validation-Failed or No-TN-Validation.

P-Asserted-Identity: <sip:+13019060901;>

Also, P-Attestation-Indicator and P-Origination-ID headers will be present as well to give you flexibility in making a decision to connect the call, reject it or perhaps direct to Voicemail.

P-Attestation-Indicator: A
P-Origination-ID: ef31cc54-cfb0-11eb-b8bc-0242ac130003

Please head to our portal under Stir/Shaken for instructions on using these great new features.

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