Free Port Out

Written on Mar 03, 2021.

Dear Partner,

We would like to announce a change in our port out policy. Going forward, Port Out fees are waived for your Tier-0 Telephone Numbers active on our network for 6 months or more.

While other telephone carriers may charge port out fees of $5.00, $10.00 or even $50.00 per telephone number, as we've seen - Bulk Solutions only charged $0.99. With our new price update, we're going beyond that and waiving completely after 180 days.

How does a number qualify for free porting?
For all Tier-0 Telephone Numbers purchased or Ported in to our network, we start a 6 Month / 180 Day counter. Once 180 Days pass - should the number port out, there will be no fee assessed to your account.

Why are we doing this?
Unlike our competitors who try to lock in their customer's with high port out fees, we like to earn our customer's trust. If you use our service for 6 months we are confident you will experience our superior customer service, network reliability and industry best pricing for origination and have no reason to port out.

free port out

Why are Port Out Fees charged at all?
A Port-out fee is an industry mechanism to avoid having native Telephone Numbers cherry-picked and moved from carrier to carrier. There is significant costs associated with procuring Telephone Numbers from the Regulatory bodies and the networks that support them. A required active period of time ensures stability.

Regarding ported-in Telephone Numbers, although we do not charge any LNP fees, as you know, there are investments that we make in personnel, systems and partner relationships and costs that we bear to facilitate a Port-in. A required active period of time ensures an opportunity for a return on that investment, while being able to provide you, our Partner, the lowest industry pricing available.