3CX SMS / MMS Messaging Support

Written on April 04,2023.

Short message service (SMS) messaging is one of the oldest and most popular texting methods. In addition to personal communication, businesses use SMS messaging to contact customers and market their products and services. Because so many people have mobile devices ? and access them frequently ? SMS messaging is a popular, seamless and straightforward business communication tool.

3CX recently announced third party Messaging SMS/MMS API support which can be seen here. You will now be able to send and receive messages using your Bulk Solutions numbers without the need for a secondary system to handle messaging, 3CX could now handle both your voice and messaging.

Step 1: Find your Basic Auth Header API Key and copy it
Bulk Solutions Portal -> API -> API Credentials -> Rest API -> Basic Auth Header

Step 2: 3CX -> SIP Trunks -> (YOUR TRUNK NAME) -> SMS
API Key: (Your Basic Auth Header)
Provider URL: https://portal.bulkvs.com/api/v1.0/messageSend?pbx=3cx

Step 1: Find your 3CX provided Webhook
3CX -> SIP Trunks -> -> SMS

Step 2: Copy the webhook URL 3CX is providing you

Step 3: go to the Bulk Solutions Portal
Portal -> Messaging -> Messaging Webhook -> Create (or view existing webhook)
Paste the 3CX webhook in the URL section
Select the Method to be 3CX (default is POST)

Question? Call 855-906-0901 or email sales@bulkvs.com

Please remember to keep Bulk Solutions in mind for your telecommunication needs where we value Quality and Reliability above all else.

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