8YY Toll-Free Termination Service Provider

Transform your current outbound toll free traffic into a new way to make revenue!

Get Toll Free Compensation for your traffic!!

Outbound toll free traffic to an 8YY telephone number is normally free - but as part of our commitment to excellent service, we go beyond that. In fact, we pay you when you send us outbound toll free traffic! Join our family as one of the highest quality 8YY Toll-Free Service Providers in the industy.

With our Quality routes, we paying you it's a perfect situation! In addition to us compensating you for the calls you send us, we also provide you the best audio quality in the industry! We only use Tier 1 carrier routes in our network for the best possible completion ratio and audio quality.

Explore our 8YY service and learn how you can start earning straight away using the best toll free number service provider!

8YY at a Glance

With 8YY, you hand off your existing toll-free traffic to us (one of the nations best 8YY Toll-Free Service Providers), which we then process and terminate, receiving a payment for this.

As customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us, we decided to share the revenue made with our customers, allowing them to profit from the process! What other carrier is providing Toll Free Compensation to YOU?

With Bulk Solutions, we provide an excellent quality service for routing the traffic sent our way. What's more - it's fast and easy to activate the service and start generating revenue. We are the leader of all toll free phone service providers.

Profit from Our 8YY Termination Service

Learn exactly why you can rely on Bulk Solutions for the best 8YY Toll-Free Service Wholesale Termination Providers in the industry.

We pay you!

With our Toll Free Solutions we want to give you the best, which is why we offer toll freee compensation to you directly for sending us your outbound toll free traffic.

No Minimum Level

Whether 1 minute or 1 million minutes of 8YY traffic, we will compensate you - no need to worry about whether you send enough traffic or not!

Quality Routes

We only use Tier-1 carriers to ensure we provide you with the best toll free number routing in the industry. Join the best termination VOIP wholesale provider in the industry!

Somos Certified

As a RespOrg, our experienced staff are SOMOS certified. They are true experts in the world of toll-free routing, outbound toll free and RespOrg services. Discover the difference so many of our customer's have discovered years ago.

Let's get you set up!

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In addition, we also provide CNAM, RoboCall Mitigation, E911, SIP Trunking, STIR/SHAKEN services.

Have any further questions for us? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we're ready to support you however you need!

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