How does LRN ENUM work?

Step 1: Log in to our portal and go to Interconnection -> Host Add to add your source IP address

Step 2: Please wait 2-3 minutes so the new IP could propogate to all of our SBC nodes.

Step 3: From your source IP entered in step 1, issue an enum request

Example 1: dig -t naptr (TelephoneNumber)
Example 2: for telephone number 3109060901 use dig -t naptr

Step 4: You will receive the following response. In this case, the LRN response for 3109060901 is 12132620105

; ANSWER SECTION: 5 IN NAPTR 10 10 "u" "E2U+pstn:tel" "!^.*$!tel:+13109060901;rn=+12132620105;npdi!" .

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 3109060901 or email