BulkVS: SIP TRUNK Options

Written on Dec 22, 2020.

Dear Partners,

We are happy to announce two new SIP TRUNK options!

1)Inbound SRV Records: In addition to allowing you to add host IP addresses we now also allow you to add an SRV record. You could add an SRV Record by going to Interconnection -> Host - Add SRV Record

2)Custom SIP Registration Trunks: Previously we provided 3 predefined registration trunks. We now provided you the ability to create customer registration trunks under Interconnection -> Registration - Add. This way you are not limited to just 3 registration trunks per account.

3)Trunk Group X-Header: We now provide you the option to send you an X-Header on every invite " X-Orig-Trk: <Trunk Group>" . This could be used on your PBX or soft switch to identify and organize your customers. If you would like it enabled please email support@bulkvs.com

If you would like to know more about this feature, or have an idea for another feature you might need simply email support@bulkvs.com.

Example Invite:

INVITE sip:13015551000@ SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKvmordk20bomh24f353u1.1
Max-Forwards: 67
From: "BULK SOLUTIONS" ;tag=as401b604a
To: <sip:13015551000@>

Contact: <sip:;did=5.3b7c29c4;transport=udp>


X-Charge-Info: 13015551000;Rate=0.0003

X-Orig-Trk: TrunkGroup1

Call-ID 9f62a23f56143d8d75be23dc7696f655@

Stay Safe!

Bulk Solutions

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