BulkVS: Dynamic Location Routing 911

Written on Dec 1, 2020.

Dear Partners,

Bulk Solutions is happy to announce our Dynamic E911 Routing Service.

Bulk Solutions Dynamic E911 Routing provides emergency call routing and location capabilities based on the location of the user.

How does it work?

Say your customer has a hotel with the main number 3105551000 and 10 rooms at the address 1001 ACME RD Los Angeles, CA 90001.

In the past each room would be given their own number for E911 purposes where the address is sent along with the room number.

  • Room 1001 would have the number 3105551001
    1001 ACME RD Room 1001 Los Angeles, CA 90001

  • Room 1002 would have the number 3105551002
    1001 ACME RD Room 1002 Los Angeles, CA 90001
  • etc...

With the Bulk Solutions Dynamic E911 service and using a simple X-Header, you could send the room number Dynamically! No need to provision 100 E911 endpoints.

Provision one number 3105551000 and send the room number dynamically
X-ng911: Room 1001

When the call reaches the operator they will see the telephone number and the address with the room number.

How does this help you become compliant with Laws and Regulations?
As you may know, Ray's Baum's Act will soon require 911 calls from Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS) to include a "dispatchable location" to the PSAP. That means, along with street address, additional information, such as Room, Suite, Apartment number or similar must be provided to the PSAP so that Emergency Responders can quickly reach a person who needs help. This solution will help you work towards becoming compliant

How do you enable it?

Instructions could be seen in our portal under
E911 -> E911 Instructions -> Dynamic E911

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